Wednesday, April 11, 2012

To Its Memoirs

Last Saturday [April 7, 2012], my family and I went to Laiya, San Juan, Batangas to hit the beach. While I was preparing my things for the trip the next day, I thought that anklets are perfectly worn in beaches. I have this anklet that my classmate gave me when she went to Boracay earlier this year. Oh actually, she gave one to each of the girls in our class. So anyway, I started to dig up my closet since I remembered putting it there. Thank goodness I found it.

I kind of consider it as a "friendship anklet" since all of us girls have one. Every time I see it or wear it, it reminds me so much of my girls —all the joyful, sad, and most especially the crazy moments with them come back to my memory. I can still even remember the reason why I chose the orange one (pink is my favorite color, as you can obviously notice). Okay, that's a whole different story.

I know it's a little early for me to be dramatic because of how I miss them already, but since I have a feeling that in College I would really tend to forget about them. Its purpose is, when I go back to my previous posts, I would be reminded of how blessed I am to have met them and to be with their company for 4 years. And not just the girls of my class, the boys and my teachers as well. :-)

Oh! A happy happy birthday to my teacher! :D I highly doubt that you'll get to read this, but I'll greet you here as well anyway. :-)

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  1. aaaaaw :"") It's just stupid I only read this just now. :| I miss yooouuu!