Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer 2012

Just grabbed this .gif from Tumblr
It's quite late for me to blog about welcoming April, right? Haha, well, consider this as "Welcome, Summer."

For me, April is really when Summer officially starts ( I start the count down to college on April Fools'). It's Summer and I have all the time to do things. I just hope procrastination will not get in the way.


→ Clean le bedroom. Like really clean it. And some parts of le house, pobably.
Get with the program (exercise on a daily basis).
→ Don't forget to hang out with le high school classmates once in a while.
→ Start reading The Hunger Games. Wait, I still have to buy the books first before reading.
→ Go to the beach!
→ Get a Summer job!
→ Still update my diary daily.
→ Visit my brother in PMA in Baguio.
→ Sister-sister bonding time ;)
→ Tweak blogs
To not be forever alone even though my parents are both working, my sister will soon start with her OJT, and while my brother is in a military boarding school.


I'm looking forward to a total productivity this Summer! Bring it on!

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