Monday, April 16, 2012

Photo Post (April 13, 2012)

The 13th of April 2012 was really a date to remember. Words aren't enough to describe what happened in that entire day. Pretty ineffable. From morning until the evening of that day was really amazing. I have no words to say anymore. So, yeah, photos.

James picked up Job and I in GCF, then we went to SM Southmall for a short while. James drove. :-)

The birthday girl!
Louise's mom had a cake customized for her that says, "Happy 16th Birthday Your Royal Awesome-ness. We Love You! Dad, Mom, Lj, & Mika"

One of the boys ;) We actually forced each of the boys to take a picture with Louise. That rarely happens okay.
All girls with the birthday girl!
Yeyy group shot!

F4 :)
 We saw some girls sticking post-it notes on the escalator wall. Very encouraging. :')

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