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February, as far as I can conclude, was the best month of my last year as a high school student. Even though our school lacks extra-curricular activities and events and programs (e.g. prom), I felt like we've been too busy because of non-academical things. These activities had to take our class time:

First, our Graduation pictorial (Feb. 9)

Okay, actually every school has this. We just enjoyed the time putting on make-up, dressing-up, and taking pictures for the whole afternoon. I remember that week when us girls were panicking about our creative shots and just thought of random costumes and stuff like that. We even talked about it for like an hour with our teacher. Ha-ha. Since I can't think of anything else, I just decided to wear my tailor-made Greek goddess dress I wore in my Sophomore prom. Yup, I had my prom in my second year. Well, surprisingly, that night was magical. Okay anyway, I'll add the photos once they give me the soft copy. :-)

The formal Graduation picture
My creative shot
Just played around with the make-up artist

Second, the Anna Karenina play in English (Feb. 10)

We started practicing for this play 3 weeks before the play date. At first, it [Feb. 10] was just a tentative play date but then it became final. Oh, did I mention that I played Anna Karenina?
It was an awesome experience because it's our first ever English play. And this play came from all our efforts -even the script and the directing part. I realized that It's hard to ad-lib in English especially when you have to use old English. :-)
We had 2 performances, and the first one was supposed to be a rehearsal but it turned out to be better than the second performance. Lucky for those students who watched the first one. :-) 

We just forgot to do one thing though: To take pictures.

Third, The Bible Emphasis Week (Feb. 15-17)

Okay, more like "...Emphasis Days". I don't even know why they keep on calling it "...Emphasis Week" when it's just for 3 days.

"Bible Emphasis Week" has always been held yearly as a school event wherein all the students will only discuss lessons about God's Word, i.e., as I've mentioned above, non-academical. Since we are the oldest among the students, we assisted the classes we were assigned to and the teachers who taught in the lower levels (pre-schoolers until juniors). Our time assisting was counted as our working hours for CAT slash NSTP. I was assigned to the Grade 2 and man, they are more disciplined than the high school students! They always ask permission each time they'd stand up —when they have to get something from their shelf, or when they have to throw something. One kid even asked me if she can drink her medicine! Haha, there are so many little things that made me compare them to us. 
I was so blessed to be with them for 3 days. They're really a bunch of great kids. I was also thankful for being assigned to assist my English teacher. I distinguished the difference between the way she's with kids and the way she's with us. Haha. Ma'am, if you ever get to read this, I don't mean that the wrong way. :-)

Fourth, "Batingaw", our Filipino play (Feb. 24)

Two words, a masterpiece. It is (and was) the best play in the history of my school. Okay, I'm being too proud. Heh.

We started rehearsing 3 weeks before the final play date. Wait, I think it was only for 2 weeks. But in the last week of our rehearsals, it was the only time when we also rehearsed with actions, lights, and sounds. So, majority of our rehearsals were the line-throwing. I don't even know how we did it in just one week. Awesome.
Some of those who watched (like the principal, the teachers, and some parents) teared up because of the scenes that had the super high level of drama. Our play was pure awesomeness, as they said. Our principal was so impressed, amazed, and amused that she wanted us to do it again with parents watching. One point for the seniors. :-)

Fifth, Family Night Movie (Feb. 24)

This event is usually held in the morning. I just don't know what happened this year.

My family and I never attended this event for the past 3 years, but since it's my last year, I felt the urge to attend. I had to ask my dad to come home early for this day, I had to ask my sister to go straight to my school after her classes, and I had to force my brother to come.
Oh, the movie we watched? It's entitled Courageous. The movie is mainly for dads so our school really encouraged each student's dad or parents to attend. And all students who had their families with them that night will get a +5 in one subject of their choice (I will choose Math!). The event ended quite late —around 10 p.m.

Sixth, tree-planting (Feb. 25)

The next day after Family Night, us seniors had an early call-time. We had to be in school by 6:30 a.m. I got there by 7. Heh. :-) Our time here was also counted as working hours for our CAT, just like in The Bible Emphasis Week. 
We did our tree-planting in my classmate's resort in Pansol, Laguna. We took off by 7:30 a.m. and that's when the fun started. We stopped by Calamba to buy our food for lunch and it took us longer than it should so we got to the resort around lunch time. We did the tree-planting for like only an hour and started to prepare lunch as the guys played basketball. Oh, we had 4 chaperons to make lunch for us. But I helped! :-) Since it's a resort, we swam even though we weren't supposed to. :-)

Seventh, replay of Anna Karenina play (Feb. 27)

Our teacher said we have to do it again because the principal didn't get to watch it. We were just supposed to rehearse for that day and have the play shown the next day. But since the principal is not available the next day, we had to do it on that day with having nearly 5 hours of rehearsal. I had to recall my lines the previous day!

I have nothing much to say except our play sucked to the 1000000000th level. But this time, we got to take pictures. Yay! :-)

So there you have it. February was a very interesting month, and I'm not just talking about the events; the very climax is not yet on its way to the falling action. :-)

As for this month, there'll be tons of requirements and projects to accomplish. We're going to get ourselves drowned in school works before we graduate. Oh, dear.

I apologize. The photos are to follow :-)

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