Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 14 /A day of pure awesomeness

Yesterday, we had our field trip; although we only went to three places, we still enjoyed the trip.

First destination: A play held in Pasig. I forgot the name of the exact place, I'll just edit this post once I find out.

The stage play is about Ninoy Aquino, as you can see from the photo below. But its main point is not merely about Ninoy's life —his story on how became a hero, no it isn't. The play showed a parallelism of Ninoy's life and of eleven other characters as modern-day heroes. It's a two-hour epic musical play.
After watching,I was stunned by the actors and actresses; I was stunned with the way they danced, sang, and especially with the way they acted; I admire how they expressed themselves with the way they act. And the choreography was very simple and basic yet so synchronized! I have to admit, I had a major realization: I want to be a theater actress someday. I want to take up Performing Arts in college, well only as my second college degree. The play inspired me to aspire to be an actress. Okay, I'm being irrelevant now.

Second destination: Some zoo in Pasig. Again, I forgot the name.

I think the zoo's entrance fee only cost 1php. Hahaha! Because the place looks old! Like, it was built centuries ago. The Crocodiles looked like statues; they weren't moving! breathing, even; and their mouths were open, also not moving. And since it's a zoo, the smell.. oh my gosh. I was like, "So this place is worth 1000php plus." 

Final destination: Myth of the Human Body in Taguig, Makati

At first, I thought this place was full of dead human flesh preserved in some sort of liquid substance stored in some sort of aquarium, but I was 100% wrong. The museum or exhibit contained dead human bodies, mostly Chinese bodies, that all looked like plastic.
A German scientist invented this process of preserving human bodies called Plastination and the technology is very new. The museum opened earlier this year in the Philippines but it will not stay long; the preserved bodies will soon be imported to other countries. Oh, it's not merely full of bodies, all the internal and external parts are displayed separately. I know, so cool! I thought I'm going puke hearing the nasty reviews regarding it, but I didn't. The human bodies didn't really look disgusting. 

I myself learned a lot from the museum, thanks to our tour guide, Kuya Jason!

The tour ended around 5:30pm; we got home by 6:30pm.

In the bus going home: Last minute party! Partying just happens naturally within us. Even though we didn't have portable speakers, we didn't care at all. We were about 10 km away from school when we suddenly started to party. Hahaha!

This post lacks photos. Will upload soon.

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