Thursday, September 1, 2011

How 'Perfect' is Spelled

Love found, love lost, love found again —this is what happened to Nicole and Kyle. They fell in love with each other when she was in fourth grade and when he was in sixth grade. It all happened back in the year of 2007 when they were preparing for our Christmas presentation in the coming December in our church.
They were young back then and in love —she was 9, and he was 11. They were rather naive.
Few months after our Christmas presentation, Kyle’s family had to move, so going to their church on Sundays was a little hard for him. He still go to our church a month after they moved, but after that, ‘farewell, Kyle’.
He left her. Us, his friends, even.
They never saw each other again. No connection whatsoever.
As the years pass by, she fell in love with someone else, but, apparently, they never last. And, he might have probably fell in love with other girls too. Or girl, for that matter.
And now, after nearly four years, he came back. He was physically different, and he has really changed. They, even she didn't know what has gone up to him to go back and attend our church again. Wait, but I do. Nicole.
He went back like, a month ago or two. He used the element of surprise. 
It’s just really unbelievable. I mean, they were kids! Now, everything they had before is coming back to them. Now, they aren’t kids anymore. I believe they’re mature enough now.
Imagine if they get married when the time is right. I imagine them telling their unrealistic yet real love story to their kids. And their story will be told to generations after generations of their clan. I seriously envy that kind of story.
If their relationship dies, I will be really depressed.

A True Story.

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