Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some things I would want to say to your face

Girls are more emotional than boys —everyone knows this right? The funny thing is, you don't.
Is it just me or you are just really insensitive?
News flash: I am a human being with feelings; and those feelings get hurt.
I am a smart girl, I just don't know how you're making me the opposite of it.
Yeah, well perhaps I'm really complicated. You know the best thing you can do?
DEAL WITH IT. What do you expect? I am a girl. Girls aren't tough and emotional like you guys —accept it; it's a fact.
You know, if I wasn't a Christian, I would have gotten even with you the next day. I would have watched The Smurfs (which we planned by the way like a year ago) with him. I would have gone to her house, pulled her hair that would almost make her bald, and punch and slap her in her 'oh-so-perfect' face. And I would've done the same to you as well. But it's not the right thing to do, yes, I know that. IT ISN'T THE WISE THING TO DO. And what you did wasn't wise, just so you know.
I know what I said hurts, but what you did was a million times worse than that.
I don't know how my mood is going to be tomorrow. I'll try my hard to act natural as if nothing happened.
All your messages = DELETED. Your phone number is up. ;)

asdfghjkl I'm rambling. This post is very vague. I have to stop now.

Good night.
Party tomorrow. Lol. =))

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