Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This morning, I was awaken by the disturbing sound of the pouring rain; that was 5 in the morning. Suspension of classes really did cross my mind even though we had our day off yesterday.
While I was in school, I was quite intrigued with how the sky appeared —the dark heavy clouds, the pouring rain, the continuously gushing wind.. it was quite amusing. I know it looks all sad and gloomy, but for me it isn’t. I’m not happy because I know for sure they’ll let us off early, but because I know there will be a vivid rainbow after every pouring rain.
The rainbow symbolizes that God’s promises are true. I know He’ll never fail being true to His promises. All He said in His word are very much true. Even though I sometimes turn my back on Him, He never left me.
Oh how awesome and amazing it is to have a Father like Him.

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