Friday, July 22, 2011

Turkish Delight*

*something you had before and you wanted it again even though you know it's wrong. practically SIN. (based from the book Narnia pt.2 by C.S. Lewis)

"What's your Turkish Delight?" my teacher asked me.
I paused there for a second and tried to process my answer for a reasonable question. My brain wont just start thinking. I said all sorts of random things that was a bit shallow for a teenager like me. No choice. I had to say it.
I rambled. Yes, I rambled. I didn't know what to answer. Well in fact, it was something I wanted.. again. My answer turned to be quite vague.
All the memories started to fly back right into my head --the memory of you in me.
Right, how could I immediately forget? Everything happened, well, not so long ago from now. How could I?
How could I forget the way I was in love with you? How could I forget how alluring was your devastating looks? How could I forget how endearing and charming you were? The memory of you cannot just easily escape my mind, can it?
I'll admit, I was quite infatuated by you. But how could I not be? I was indeed overwhelmed by the fact of having someone to love and care for me. But it wasn't a fact after all, it was all a fairy tale just like I see in movies. I understood that you had to leave, but you didn't even care to say "goodbye".
I can't believe how ridiculous you made me look. It turned out that I was just a piece of accessory for you. Not that I'm blaming you, but I turned my back on Him and had faith in me, only in me. I thought I didn't need Him since I had you. I thought everything was a taste of bliss but it turned out it wasn't. I learned from a big mistake, thanks to you.
Yes, I wanted all of these again and I know I'll have it in His perfect timing.
So much for my Turkish Delight.

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